Why Regency?

“Regency” is defined as a group of individuals who are given fiduciary responsibility to rule in the absence of a monarch. Usually regents are appointed when the monarch is absent due to battle, travel, disability, or in the case of a premature death, they are given authority to make decisions for an heir who is too young to bear the responsibilities of ruling. We felt this was an appropriate metaphor for our company as we are charged with managing the financial affairs of our clients and providing counsel while they are occupied with the ordinary duties of life.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist individuals, families, & institutions with identifying, understanding, and pursuing their financial goals and objectives. As wealth grows, it requires appropriate attention to a variety of areas including cash management, asset diversification, legal & estate issues, charitable planning, and management of the risks that may threaten the plan. Our focus is on helping clients navigate an increasingly complicated financial landscape to accumulate, preserve, and ultimately distribute their wealth. Doing so successfully requires trustworthy advice, personal service, and a close partnership.


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be one of the premier boutique wealth management practices in the country by providing a select group of clientele with sustainable financial progress engendering confidence and financial harmony. Since we cannot serve everyone and do it with excellence, our client selection is a mutual process. Growth in our business, while desirable, must not impede us from serving our clients in an optimal manner. Regular, personal and generic communications will be frequent but relevant.