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You’ve worked hard to provide financial stability for yourself and your family. You may need help managing your wealth or you may be uncertain if your current finances are enough to help you achieve your life goals. Maybe you’ve inherited an estate from a loved one and want to manage it thoughtfully or are considering a life change that will affect your financial situation. These scenarios require knowledgeable and trustworthy wealth managers who can develop a plan, enhance results, and lead to peace of mind.

Consider Regency as your Financial Advisor and for all your Financial Planning needs. If you’re already a Regency client, reach out to a member of your team if your goals, needs, or priorities have changed and we will work with you to adjust your plan and/or portfolio accordingly.

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Planning Unique to Your Personal Situation

You have many options when considering your financial planning, including banks, accountants, wealth management and investment firms. Regency offers a unique option: a team of exceptionally qualified professionals dedicated to personal, and personalized, service. To us, you are not just a number or a portfolio, you’re a valued individual, family, or organization whom we take the time to get to know.

Our integrated team understands your particular needs and goals and develop plans that are best suited specifically for your future. We are always available to you. You are able to contact one of your team members at any time, each of whom knows your portfolio and your financial objectives and genuinely cares about you and your economic security.

Defining Your Financial Priorities

The importance of Financial Planning cannot be understated. Ensuring you are growing wealth and have sufficient resources to meet your financial priorities is paramount to having the future you have always dreamed of for you and your family. Regency Wealth Management, serving as your fiduciary, can help you identify your specific priorities and devise financial strategies to meet them:

  • Are you on track for your desired retirement age and lifestyle?
  • Will you need a steady monthly income flow in retirement?
  • Does your plan take into consideration unexpected medical costs?
  • Are Higher Education costs for your children and grandchildren important to your planning?
  • To what extent do you want to preserve your estate for your heirs? Do you have a plan to minimize taxes?
  • What are your wishes for charitable gifting during your life and at death?
  • Have you made adequate provisions for your loved ones should you become disabled or pass away suddenly?

It’s important to define your financial priorities and also important to remember that your financial priorities may change. Partnering with Regency Wealth Management can increase the likelihood of meeting your financial objectives.

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Developing Your Financial Plan

Understanding your resources and defining your clear financial goals and objectives, allows us to collaboratively develop a financial plan that works for you. Based on our analysis, we may advise on a variety of alternate scenarios to help you make informed choices to realize your goals.

Regency uses powerful software tools to assist us in preparation of your customized financial plan and provides you online access to view your personal financial dashboard, which is updated daily in real time.

Another key aspect to your plan is understanding your willingness and ability to accept the ups and downs of financial markets. Click here for a free risk assessment.

Regency can also work closely with your attorney, accountant, insurance agent and your other professionals to ensure your financial plan is well-integrated and executed.

Your Financial Plan may include:

Cash flow and financial position analysis

Cash flow and financial position analysis includes assessing and summarizing your income and expenses, identifying key budgeting issues, and planning for cash reserves for emergencies or future opportunities.

Targeted goal funding strategies

Targeted goal funding strategies for education, purchasing a vacation home or accumulating a targeted amount for some other purpose, through development of an appropriate investment plan.

Income tax planning

Income tax planning, including the identification of appropriate tax savings strategies that may be available in your situation.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning that is focused on evaluating your needs and developing strategies for both the accumulation and distribution phases of life.

Estate planning & wealth preservation,

Estate planning & wealth preservation, including the development of estate organization and distribution strategies to ensure that wealth is preserved and passed to the people or organizations you care about.

Risk management

Risk management, which involves identifying potential risks, such as loss of health, property, income, or life; and developing appropriate strategies for protecting against these risks.

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