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Honesty. Integrity. These are qualities you expect in your financial advisors—indeed, qualities that are absolutely essential. Certainly, you expect your advisors to be highly ethical as well as highly competent. You also need to trust them as principled, caring people who truly have your interests at heart, people who understand your needs and goals, people who will explain your options clearly and transparently… people like your team at Regency Wealth Management.

After all, you must feel absolutely comfortable discussing your financial and personal situations. We’re confident that you’ll find this comfort level with Regency Wealth Management. As a ‘boutique’ firm with a select clientele, Regency is able to form lasting bonds of trust with its clients. We’re small on purpose. We want to know you personally so we can serve you well; we want you to know us so you can have the peace of mind that comes with trusting that your finances are in good hands and that you can contact your team with any questions and concerns you may have – and get an extremely prompt response.

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Informed Advice

Of course, trust is also based on proven results and professional expertise. Regency Wealth Management is dedicated to giving the best research- and experience-based advice to our clients in order to secure optimum results. We employ the most reliable sources and advanced analytical tools to assess market conditions and economic trends. Each of our team members has extensive credentialed experience in the financial services industry and is considered a leading authority in the field.

Advice is only useful if it is given in a timely manner. That’s why we regularly review your portfolio to make sure it’s performing up to expectations; if adjustments are indicated, we act immediately. You can also expect us to meet with you in person, by phone or video conference when and where convenient for you. One of the advantages of our team concept is that there’s always a team member available to discuss matters that concern your financial security.

Proactive Problem Solving

Our services are not confined to creating sound financial strategies and investment portfolios. We also try to foresee potential problems and devise ways to avoid them. Potential problems can include global market shifts, changes in tax and inheritance law, or new regulations involving IRAs, annuities, and charitable gifts. By being proactive, Regency Wealth Management can prevent future difficulties.

Not all problems are predictable. Again, that’s where the Regency team concept is so helpful. You can count on having a financial advisor available to work through unforeseen occurrences that affect your financial security—occurrences that may involve significant changes in health, employment, disposable income, or family needs, to name a few. Even these problems benefit from our carefully proactive approach to managing your wealth, as resources to meet most of the ups and downs we all experience can be built into your overall financial plan.

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