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Andy Aran quoted in Yahoo! Finance

This Is Why 55% of Americans Aren’t Investing

Joel Anderson • July 16, 2019

Which of these factors — from fear that events like a downswing will wipe out their hard-earned dollars to a simple lack of enough of those hard-earned dollars — plays the most prominent role in keeping more people from investing? That’s the question at the core of this new survey from GOBankingRates, which asked over 500 people who aren’t investing why they’re taking a pass. The survey asked those people who said they didn’t invest why they aren’t, what they might need to change before they would, what age they think people should begin investing and what types of investments they understand the most and least about.

“Lack of investing for one’s future is, unfortunately, common,” said Andrew Aran, chartered financial analyst and partner at Regency Wealth Management. “Far too many people lack the basic understanding of budgeting, discipline and how powerful compounding interest is regarding spending or investing.”

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