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Andy Aran quoted in GO Banking Rates

Market Drops Aren’t Keeping People From Investing — But This Is

A new survey uncovers why non-investors are opting out.

By Joel Anderson | October 16, 2018 | Investing 101

The early-October swoon by stock markets might have plenty of Americans watching the news and starting to worry that their 401k could be in trouble. However, for a broad swath of the country, it’s not really an issue they’re too concerned with. That’s because they aren’t investing, despite the important role it can play in building a sound financial future for them and their family.

“Lack of investing for one’s future is, unfortunately, common,” said Andrew Aran, chartered financial analyst and partner at Regency Wealth Management. “Far too many people lack the basic understanding of budgeting, discipline and how powerful compounding interest is regarding spending or investing.”

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