our-processWealth Management

Wealth Management Services, the combination of Investment Advisory and Financial Planning services, is a broad, comprehensive approach that encompasses all elements of a client’s financial picture. In depth financial planning is tied to our dynamic Wealth Management System that tracks assets and financial strategies in one place, in real time. Investment Advisory services and its progress are thereby cohesively integrated with the financial plan. We typically work with clients having investible assets in excess of $750,000.

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory is the ongoing formulation, execution, rebalancing, and delivery of appropriate investment solutions designed to achieve a client’s financial goals. After Regency conducts its discovery and review analysis clarifying client objectives, resources, and risk assessment, an Investment Policy Statement is constructed. Investments are made on a client’s behalf on a discretionary basis that is consistent with this mutually agreed on Investment Policy Statement. Investment portfolios typically include a combination of individual securities, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds but can also include other investment and savings products. Performance is reviewed regularly as are any changes in the client’s financial situation, goals, or timing of key events. Fees, calculated as a percentage of the client’s assets under our management, are deducted from investment accounts quarterly (in arrears) and confirmed in writing.


Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning helps clients properly assess and pursue the achievement of their financial goals and objectives. Clients receive a written report, providing a detailed financial strategy. The plan generally addresses record keeping, budgeting, cash flow, investments, tax analysis, insurance issues, retirement, and estate planning among other variables. Should a client choose to implement the recommendations contained in the plan, Regency will work closely with the client’s attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and/or other professionals. Implementation of financial planning recommendations are entirely at the client’s discretion. If requested, Regency may recommend the services of other professionals that may facilitate implementation. Regency’s financial planning fees are charged on an hourly basis of $300/hour with a minimum financial planning fee of $5,000.